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Maryland Employment Lawyers

Lopez & Wu, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, PLLC

Lopez & Wu is a law firm which specializes in all facets of employment law, both civilian and federal. The attorneys dedicate themselves to the protection of individual rights and to obtain justice and vindication of civil rights violations.

Reston, VA

If you have experienced workplace discrimination, we will leverage our broad legal knowledge and help you achieve your goals. Our expertise is ideally suited to support the unique legal needs of clients in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. We also represent federal employees both nationwide and internationally.

Furey, Doolan & Abell, LLP

Furey, Doolan & Abell, LLP is a Maryland-based law firm that offers pragmatic advice and counsel to individuals and businesses.

Chevy Chase, MD

Whether the client's goal is to protect personal assets for future generations or to develop a successful business or litigation strategy, the lawyers of Furey, Doolan & Abell, LLP take a personalized approach in seeking solutions. Our clients come from a multitude of industries seeking our assistance in any of

Chang Law Offices

Silver Spring, MD


Silver Spring , MD

Lebowitz Law Firm

Advocacy with Integrity

Columbia, MD


Gohn Hankey & Berlage LLP

"With offices in Baltimore and Annapolis, our law firm has built a solid reputation for delivering results to individuals and businesses in Maryland and beyond."

Baltimore, MD

"Our attorneys focus on diverse, yet complimentary, practice areas, including all aspects of administrative law, corporate and business matters, insurance law, commercial law, business and commercial litigation, employment law, to name a few. We are a multidisciplinary legal practice comprised of attorneys who have built their careers on the foundations

Karpinski, Colaresi & Karp, P.A.

Attorneys with the experience and knowledge to achieve solutions.

Baltimore, MD

Karpinski, Colaresi & Karp, P.A., located in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded in 1970 to provide legal services in the defense of liability claims for the insurance, business and political communities.

Kerr McDonald, LLP

Baltimore AV-rated lawyers with 90 years of combined experience

Baltimore, MD

At Kerr McDonald, LLP, our thorough preparation and creative strategies enable us to successfully resolve claims, often without the necessity of a trial. Our attorneys' 90 years of combined legal experience give them the skills to direct any proceeding to a desirable outcome.

Singleton Law Group

Lutherville, MD

Law Offices of Mark W. Howes, LLC

Maryland Attorney with More Than 20 Years' Experience

Annapolis, MD

At Mark W. Howes, LLC, our attorneys are strongly trial-oriented and aggressively represent clients in all types of cases involving family law, criminal law, and labor and employment law.

The Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC

I work relentlessly for my clients as a Maryland employment attorney with one goal: to make employment secure and fair, to preserve employment in sensitive times or when under attack.

Baltimore, MD

As one of the most respected Baltimore employment lawyers, I promise you a full and realistic analysis of your options, rights and remedies, and a plan that fits your individual circumstances.

Smithey Law Group LLC

As an Annapolis employment lawyer, Ms. Smithey has taught seminars and law school courses on employment and labor law topics. She has also published extensively on Employment and Labor Law and civil litigation. Ms. Smithey authored the Fourth Edition

Annapolis, MD

Employment law attorney Joyce E. Smithey assists employers and employees throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia with a wide range of legal issues. Ms.

Eric H. Kirchman

Rockville, MD

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