Wrongful Termination and Layoffs

If you've recently lost your job, you probably have plenty of questions. Are you entitled to severance? What about continued health insurance benefits? When will you get your final paycheck -- and what will it include? Should you sign a release to get a bigger severance package? This section provides the information and resources you need to make the right decisions at this crucial time.

If you were fired, you might also be wondering whether your employer acted legally. If you were fired unfairly or for illegitimate reasons (such as discrimination or whistleblowing), you may have a claim for wrongful termination. In this situation, you need to learn your rights quickly. This section includes information on some common wrongful termination claims. You can also find links to local wrongful termination lawyers, who can help you evaluate your case and decide the best strategy to protect your rights.  

Because unemployment benefits are so critical to those who have lost their jobs, especially in these tough economic times, we have a separate area devoted to unemployment.  

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