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Utah Employment Lawyers

Kipp and Christian, P.C.

In today's world everyone needs an edge.

Salt Lake City, UT

Complex legal issues require advice from experienced attorneys. Litigation objectives can only be effectively and efficiently achieved by a firm of proven trial attorneys. Kipp and Christian is a Salt Lake City trial firm with the experience and knowledge to carry a legal challenge from end to end, consistently delivering

Christensen & Jensen A Professional Corporation

Christensen & Jensen has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil suits in the Utah region for over sixty years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Its litigation and trial attorneys are experienced in a broad and diverse range of civil practice areas, and look forward to meeting your legal services needs. Attorneys at Christensen & Jensen have received prestigious honors from numerous organizations, including The Best Lawyers in America, the American Board of Trial Advocates,

Greg Smith and Associates

Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys--Greg Smith and Associates were nominated as one of the best law firms in Salt Lake City

Murray, UT

Unlike most law firms that dabble in just about everything from personal injury to wills, we focus primarily on criminal law matters. Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial experience.

Felix Weinberg PLLC

Salt Lake City , UT

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