Your Employer's Post-Termination Retaliation Is Illegal in New Jersey

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination outlaws an employer's retaliation against any employee who seeks protection under it, such as by filing a lawsuit for discrimination/harassment, reporting harassment, or cooperating in an investigation of harassment.  The anti-retaliation protections of the LAD also apply to retaliation that happens after an employee is fired -- such as by canceling health benefits too soon.  Defense lawyers have argued that so-called "post-employment retaliation" is not covered by the LAD because it is not a "term or condition of employment."  But the Supreme Court of New Jersey recently ruled that the LAD outlaws such post-termination reprisal.  See Roa v. Roa, 200 N.J. 555 (2010).

For more information regarding retaliation law in New Jersey, visit Castronovo & McKinney's New Jersey Employment Law Blog.   If you have any questions regarding whether you have been retaliated against by your employer, call us at (973) 920-7888, or click here to contact me now. Also, check out our website for more information about the firm and the law at

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